Monday, December 5, 2011

8 Months

Happy EIGHT months Tabor!

On your 8th month birthday you saw SNOW for the first time!

Mom got all excited and went outside to take pictures of course! She was not prepared and had no idea where to set you. So she brought out chairs and water-proof blankets for you. AND yes she now realizes what she forgot to do...was dress you warmer. (a very "Good luck Tabor" moment)

I feel like I just finished writing the 7 month blog. I know a lot has happened and a lot has changed but it's gone by so fast I don't think I recorded it as closely as the other months, but here goes.

You LOVE bath time. You are a fish. You will swim and splash as long as we'll let you. You love playing with squirt toys and foam blocks. We will stick letters on the tub wall and you will knock them all down, but your favorite thing to do is lay on your tummy and kick and splash like crazy, then stop and watch the water move. It makes you laugh really hard.

You slept on your belly for half the month but now you're all over the place. We think back and side are still your favorites.

You said "agua" as your first word. You LOVE water.

You say "ba ba" all the time. We think you are saying "bye bye"

You had your first runny nose but it only lasted a day. Same day that you helped mom decorate the Christmas tree (and broke an ornament).

You met Santa (check out Belly Couture's facebook page- he's famous) and you didn't cry. You weren't really sure what to do. So you pulled his beard. It was real.

You LOVE dogs. The louder they bark the harder you laugh even if they scare you.

We tried dressing you warmer & Abuita came home to help me take your picture. Although it APPEARS that you enjoy the snow in these didn't. You actually hated it.

You still love to eat. Although, you did NOT like chicken at ALL! You coughed and spit and made all kinds of gagging noises. On the other do love TOFU! We may have a vegetarian on our hands. haha You also don't like yogurt. I'm sure you'll come around to both.

You eat asparagus, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, green beans, carrots, egg yolks and cottage cheese. Your favorites are still avocado & banana.

You love cars. You don't play with them by pushing them though. You turn them over and with one little finger you spin the wheel.

You LOVE books. We read after you wake up in the morning and after every nap AND we read before every nap and sometimes in between. You turn the pages for us and you giggle at certain books. (you laugh really hard during Llama Llama Red Pajama)

My favorite book to read to you is "Where are you going Maisy" because it gives you clues and then you pull down a flap to reveal where she's going and you love doing it yourself. I love watching you do this.

You love music. Whether it is at church, on the radio, dad singing or you playing with your pretend instruments. It's fun to see your face light up when you hear it.

That's it. You still spin in circles and again we are enjoying the last days, weeks, months of you staying in one spot.

Ok now that you've seen all the cute snow pictures. Here's what Tabor actually did out in the snow. Poor baby. He was cold and miserable. Yes mom should've probably dressed you MUCH warmer. I'm so sorry! We will stay indoors from now on and watch the snow through the window.

We love you Tabor. Thank you for bringing us all so much joy. We are excited to see what you do as a big 8 month old. :-)


  1. In case you didn't know, the love of water comes from his Titi Liana. We love the water down here in Puerto Rico and I swin a couple of times a week. Also, you know we love going out to Palominos and Icacos Islands and spending the day on a boat. When Tabo is older, we'll take him there!

  2. Oh little Tabor, you are so stinking cute! I can't believe you're 8 months old already! Time flies to quickly. We love you!