Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best toy of all time!

So we've been thinking really hard about what to get Tabor for his first Christmas. We've looked all around and seen that there are some really cool toys out there and it's been a really tough decision.

We recently got some really great ideas from a radio show (KLove) that we listen to in the morning who listed the top 5 best toys of all times. So if you're in the same situation we're in and you're looking for the best toys of all time here ya go!

Looking for the best toys of all time? We have the list!

1. Stick
2. Box
3. String
4. Cardboard Tube
5. Dirt

For an in depth product review click HERE (this is hilarious!)

Then we heard a commercial advertising THE toy and we were SOLD! So here's what we've decided to get Tabor for Christmas this year.

Cardboard box 360

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  1. We were really broke for Gabi's first Christmas, so we didn't get her much (she was just a baby). Then we were better off for like her third Christmas and we went all out. Lo and behold, what did she enjoy the most? You guessed it, the boxes and the wrapping paper. Lesson learned, from there on we got her one nice gift and a lot of little things we could wrap.