Thursday, December 29, 2011

Howdy Pitchfords

Tim & Marlene have finally arrived in Texas! Wait not just Texas but Lubbock, Texas!!

They arrived and were immediately vortexed into the Touchstone "no break" itinerary. Tim started off the trip a little disappointed because he had an outfit planned for each event and we didn't give him enough time to change before attending his first Christmas party. So as of Day 1 he already had one unused outfit.

Marlene & I ran to Hotel Colorado to drop off their bags and then by Market Street to pick up some wine and bread for Party #1. Marlene loved Market Street. I had to promise her we'd take her back just to get her to leave. She did buy her first Texas souvenir there though. A Texas sized & shaped cookie cutter ;)

We had a fun Christmas party at Grannie Annie's. Kyle, Trey, Ty, Tim & Tabor dominated at the Kinect games and the rest of us were worn out just watching them.

After the party we swept them off to the after party at Flo's. Another unused outfit was put aside. The tally was at 2 by the end of day one. A Bananagrams tournament and more Red Velvet Cupcake wine ended the night. Danielle exceeded her wine quota and annoyed everyone with her clever game tactics thus ending the night. ;)

So the score at the end of Day 1:
Tim's unused outfits -2
Danielle exceeding wine quota -1
Marlene souvenir collection -1

Side Note: since I'm blogging from my phone I'm not sure how the pictures will post so I'll explain them.

1. The Tabor pic. This is the face Marlene was welcomed to when she got in the car at the airport.

2. The Trey pic. This is Trey at Party #1 after playing lots of Kinect!

3. The Tim pic. This is Tim exhausted at the end of the day.

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  1. Tell Marlene I will make cookies with her and use the Texas cookie cutter! Wish I was there. Can't wait to hear about all the fun you're going to have!