Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remember the Alamo

We had a fun filled day sightseeing and being tourists. We ate breakfast in our hotel and Tabor began his campaign for Mayor. He has chatted up every person in our hotel and sweet talked every girl. Parents lock up your daughters!! This little boy is a smooth talker! Ha.

We toured the Alamo and learned all kinds of Texas history. Tabor picked leaves off the floor instead of paying attention though so we'll have to work on his attention span.

We went souvenir shopping where Tabor was pinned as the new sheriff in town and Marlene acquired more souvenirs than I may be able to total up for the scoreboard! We also stuck a Davy Crockett hat on Tabor...making him Baby Crockett. :-)

We had lunch at the original restaurant on the Riverwalk -Casa Rio. Tim & Marlene had "Queso" for the first time and loved it. Tabor ate his body weight in Mum Mums and Marlene & Danielle nearly fell in the river after drinking strawberry margaritas. :) We had to get coffee after all the food in order to continue our afternoon fun!

We then got on the Riverwalk boats and went on a boat tour of the river. We loved it. Except at one point I turned to see that Tabor was holding a little girl's hand behind us!! Seriously this kid is trouble!!!

We hit up the Rivercenter mall in our quest to find baby food. Poor Tabor just does not like baby food from a jar but we didn't have a way to defrost his cubes so we found some shady looking stuff at a convenient store that he ate only because he was so hungry, but he let us know he wasn't thrilled about the idea with all his funny faces.

Marlene found a pair of amazing walking shoes that have now made the trip that much better because her feet are super comfy and cute!!

The night ended with cheese, bread & wine and a bandu/Bananagrams tournament that Danielle dominated. (I'm the one blogging so I can type whatever I want ha!!)

A few more pictures explained:

1. Tim belt buckle shopping

2. A bike rental vending machine!!

3. A Texas Christmas tree

4. Tabor picking out a cowboy hat

5. Tabor's first stroller nap :)

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  1. That couldn't have been their first time eating queso. Seriously?!