Thursday, December 29, 2011

Souvenir Shopping

Day 2 started with a visit from Santa at Flo's house. We had so much fun waking up in our matching pajamas (pictures to follow once I upload them from the camera)

Then while Tim & Marlene sipped their coffee & people watched at Market Street (yes their new favorite local hangout in Lubbock) Flo practiced making Eggs Benedict which I will say I was very nervous about but... The end result was amazing! We devoured them without time to take a pic so below you'll only see the practice shots!

After our amazing brunch we played a couple of controversial appletter games which were all won by Flo and then the girls escaped to hit up a few of Lubbocks boutiques.

After experiencing two of Lubbock's boutiques & some of the Texas locals Marlene has officially exclaimed that she LOVES Lubbock and could actually possibly see herself enjoying LIVING here! Ha!

Marlene acquired a beautiful handmade monogrammed cutting board, a new collection of bracelets and a Texas pandora charm!

We ended the day meeting my parents at Hayashi for a delicious Habachi dinner!! Oh but Tim didn't get to change before dinner so again an outfit was wasted.

Oh wait the night didn't actually end there. We went back to Hotel Colorado for drinks and then a night tour of Texas Tech (with a frozen custard stop along the way!)

Marlenes souveniors-4
Tim's unused outfits-3
Car fumigations -1

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