Friday, August 5, 2011

4 Months Young

Happy FOUR months Tabor!

Tabor I can't believe you're already 4 months old! I know I'll keep saying this but it's true - TIME FLIES! So much changes so quickly. I already can't remember what life was like without you (ok if I try really hard I can remember a little bit ha).

What's new now!? (I'm writing it all here so I don't forget)

Well I just realized your cry no longer sounds like a little cat anymore. That's probably the saddest change right now. You were our little cat. People actually looked around for a cat when they heard you cry.

Now you're finding your voice. You sound more like a Pteradactyle (yes I had to look up the spelling).
You LOVE (and I can't emphasize this enough) LOVE to play with your toes. You can be eating and in one hand you'll have hold of your toes. During nap time if we peek in at you on the monitor (if you're not passed out) you are trying to grab hold of your toes through your sleepsack. (You found your feet at 15 weeks)

At 3 months and 3 weeks you were scared of the word "wow"! Only when your dad said it though. You would look at him, curl that bottom lip and cry. ha! We laughed but he felt bad!

- started chewing on Sophie the giraffe (Dr. says you are already teething)
- reach for toys with both hands and sometimes one hand
- aren't interested in rolling over as much anymore
- reach for toys in front of you and push with your feet. (aren't crawling but really wishing you could)
- love to stand (more than sit or lay)
- giggle when nap time ends
- Play Topi Topi now with more people (except you're dangerous and we have to watch out for you head butting us too hard!)
- love music (especially if dad sings it to you)
- wear size 2 diapers still
- weigh 14.4lbs as of Aug. 5th (50th percentile)
- are 25inches long (70th percentile)

Dr. says you can start cereal next week. This should be interesting. :-)

Thanks for all the smiles and giggles that you give us. We love you so much Baby Tabor!

AND in case you wondered where the hat had gone:

(I haven't returned it yet. haha)

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