Thursday, August 4, 2011


Apparently it's the hottest summer Texas has had since 1932. Which means being outside is nearly impossible.

So on Friday Ty was home and we decided to get smoothies and lay out on the hammock outside. We lasted 2 minutes. It was like sitting in an oven.

I have always been pro-mini pools and Ty has always been a mini pool hater. We found this out when we were living in LA and Tim wanted to buy a pool for his backyard and Marlene and Ty made fun of the idea.

Ok so to clarify:
Tim & Danielle = fans of mini pools
Ty & Marlene = mini pool haters

So it was a HUGE shock that when I turned to Ty and started begging to go buy a mini-pool he suddenly said YES! Yes that now makes Ty a mini-pool hater traitor.

We spent all day Friday trying to find a pool in Lubbock. Everyone was sold out. We finally found one at Target but it was double what we had intended to spend until we did further research and realized it was exactly what we wanted. I've never seen my dad or Ty wake up so early on a Saturday. They were probably the first customers in line that day.

So on Saturday our new mini-paradise was born! We call it "La Perla" aka "The Pearl" (for anyone that's been to PR you get the double meaning here) It's a beautiful part of the island but it's also the ghetto ha!

Here's a video of us filling up the pool and Tabor's first time in the water:

Once we had it all filled up we skyped Tim & Marlene to show them what we had done. We even had smoothies with umbrellas in them to rub it in. The funniest part though was that the second we stepped in the water lightening & thunder struck suddenly! ha! It hasn't rained in Lubbock in months!!! The rain sprinkles only lasted 3min though so it did not ruin our swim!!


  1. We LOVE your pool! It is seriously perfect! And an added bonus...both boys took SUPER long naps after we swam yesterday! We might need to buy a membership to La Perla for the rest of the summer!

  2. ...and Tim is still trying to make me a mini-pool hater traitor like Ty. It will NEVER happen!! Thankfully, we live in beautiful southern California where the weather is always perfect and never gets hot enough to make me want to go over to the "dark" side!