Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Well we've done it! We've officially switched to cloth diapers. We are currently a BumGenius and gDiaper family! We love both types of diapers so now we're trying to decide between the two before we order the rest of our stash!

Here's Tabor wearing his BumGenius diapers...

He LOVES them! Ok and who wouldn't! They are the softest fabric ever!

For everyone that rolled their eyes (ahem mothers, aunts, etc.) cloth diapers have come a LONG way from prefolds and pins.

It even LOOKS like a diaper and the cloth goes inside the pocket. They also are sized to fit from birth to potty training! We did the math and each child will cost about $1,000/year in disposable diapers. We want 3 kids so that's $6,000 and that's IF they are each potty trained by age 2!

So... we decided to spend a bit now (I think total the cost of cloth diapers will have come out to about $600). This may seem like a lot now, but when you compare it to the $6,000 it makes MUCH more sense!

And look how happy our little cotton tail is! :-) Once the gDiaper inserts arrive and we test those out I'll post a gBaby pic.

Oh and the BEST part - the diapers go into a wet bag which is turned inside out and thrown in the wash with all the diapers. Which means NO TOUCHY for me!!!! Easy peasy!

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