Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tabor & Gabriel

We've had the opportunity to fly back to LA twice within the last month! It's been a fast but fun trip each time! Hopefully we can keep visiting this often because it makes us feel as if we've never left.

It's been fun watching all the changes between Tabor & Gabriel just in the last few months. So of course we've had a few photo shoots each time.

We finally got to use the double stroller without an insert or carseat attachment! They are so CUTE! People asked us if they were twins...we said "Yep and only 2 months apart!" We're so funny!

They love their evening walks! (So do we! It keeps them awake and happy instead of awake and fussy!)

We walked to Albertson's and bought ice cream. They were so excited! ha! Someday they will be!

Gabriel you are just too precious!

Tabor I love that one little dimple!

They have matching rock-star pajamas! I love how they look at each other.

They both LOVE the exersaucer! Even if it means playing outside it! That sun is Gabriel's favorite and Tabor's is the spinning wheel. You boys are so much fun.

Ok yes we'll be able to blackmail them with the pink toy pics, but really this activity gym is AMAZING! No other activity gym can beat this awesome pink one! The boi-ioi-ioing sun is their favorite!

They always tell each other secrets...

As well as give each other encouraging words. Tabor must've needed a pep talk so Gabriel helped his buddy out. :-)

We even made it to the beach (we took these pictures super fast since they aren't awake for long). We got some really funny pictures and I learned how to make my first gif. files :-)

Can you tell what Tabor wants?! Need a hint: Think old man in Mr. Deeds. HA!
gif make

These boys are so so cute!!

Next gif. file is Gabe showing us how tired he was getting. We have no idea why he did this but it was so funny when we looked at all the photos afterwards.

Gabe's caption: "I need a nap. I need a nap."

webcam gif

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