Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jet & Erin tie the knot

Our friends Jet & Erin tied the knot on August 21st. We knew this amazing couple was meant to be the first time we saw them together. We wish them a very blessed marriage! We love them so much and can't wait to share in their new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Thiele!

The Groom and his Groomsmen! We can't wait until the photographer releases all the wedding pics! She did an amazing job!!

Our little family at the wedding. Yes Tabor owns his own tuxedo! What a stud!

My two handsome boys. I love these boys so much!

Poor Tabor had never been awake so long before in all his life! It was funny to see how he acted. Mainly he went with the "self soothe" aka thumb sucking technique. Ha! Tabor you're too cute.

He got his groove on with his uncle Jet.

And also with his buddy Taber.

The night would not have been complete without a group girl shot! We love you Erin! You were a gorgeous bride!!

Family photo! :-) Tim & Marlene thanks for making the weekend so much fun! We had a blast with you both!! As we always do!

I LOVE this picture!

Tabor loves his Aunt Rachel! It really was amazing to spend some time with everyone. It made us "homesick" but hopefully we can keep visiting often!

Mandi & Veronica taught the boys how to "get down". This is talent! I know I would've fallen over!

The Touchstones and the Thieles! Did I mention we love you guys! We're just so excited that you're married!!

Tabor and Taber. This is who you're named after little Tabor. You've got big shoes to fill little man! Taber is an amazing man and we hope Tabor will be too someday!

Sarah you are a hot mama and I love this picture! You and Gabriel are just too cute for words here!

Tabor is all danced out at this point of the evening :-) Thank goodness Tia Leney rescued him!

Gabriel must've seen the cake :-) ha! He looks like something really interesting has his attention.

Another girl shot with the sun setting over the ocean. This location was beautiful!

The Theile's first dance as husband and wife!

Erin walking to meet her future husband. That dress was amazing!! Erin you should wear that dress everyday!

And once again my two little penguins. How cute are they!

Congratulations again to the Thieles! We love you guys!!

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