Saturday, August 20, 2011


We did CORN and now we've also done OKRA!

I had to take pics of the process because I found it all so interesting! This little city-girl has been initiated and loved every minute of it!

First, the okra is picked. Unfortunately, it was hard enough to get to Dimmitt as early as we did so we missed this step, so for me the first step was washing the okra.

AND WELL...that's done in the washing machine!

Then tubs are taken out back where each person chops one by one into tiny pieces.

There's no excuse that you're too tired to keep working because Mema (Ty's 90yr old grandma) still does more than anyone else!

Here's Flo chopping away! Ty and I used cutting boards because we are not yet pros with such sharp knives! We would've chopped our fingers off for sure!

Even the kiddos help! Gaines was super helpful. Not only did he help with the Okra but he was a great babysitter too. He's practicing for when his 2nd little brother arrives soon! Tabor just LOVES watching his "cousins". (They're our 2nds cousins so what is that to him?)

The heat starts getting to ya after a while. Especially when you stayed out "late" the night before at your 10-yr reunion. YES FOR ME IT WAS LATE! I was a zombie all day!

Once it's cut - it's all poured into large containers

From there it's coated with Crisco & cornmeal (yum!)

Then it's cooked in a skillet (lots of skillets actually)

Then it goes inside where it's cooled on cooling racks until it's ready to be bagged!

Then you find time to take a break, play and eat some corn and okra for lunch. (BEST part of the day!) Then while some (ahem Tabor) nap all day you keep working :-)

AND...eventually all the little bags are put into large bags and labeled (by Mema of course!)

VOILĂ€...fresh fried okra all year round! We had a blast and will be enjoying this throughout the year!

By the way...the only way to eat it is to come and help. :-) I hear some Californians may be flying out next year to come lend a hand. :-) Hope it happens!!


  1. The Curry's will come help next year!! Looks like fun and SO YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!!

  2. My goodness that's a LOT of okra! I've only ever tried it once, but looks like it's a staple for you guys. When I come visit, I'll take the corn and you can take the okra :)

  3. I'm with Sarah - no okra for me but definitely corn :)