Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bouncer

Each month seems to bring about a new fun stage. At 3 months we started playing with the Bumbo and now at 4 months we are playing with the bouncer. So even though it says to start at 4 months I don't know what 4 month old is tall enough to use the Baby Einstein bouncer.

Tabor does actually LOVE playing in it, BUT we've had to rig it for him to fit.

The pillow helps fill out the seat (especially because he's learned to bounce and ends up throwing himself back)

The box and yoga mat underneath his favorite new toy allow him to actually push his little feet off something and the face he's making is his newest new thing. We don't know if he's trying to kiss or if he's trying to sing.

Either way...we think it's super cute.

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