Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clover's 1st Birthday Cake

Mandi came into town for her niece Clover's first birthday and she asked me to help her make a cake. How could I resist getting to hang out with Mandi AND making a cake.

I started baking the cakes on Thursday. My mom stayed up until 2am baking with me. We made 8 cakes! (Actually she stayed up mopping the floors so I went to bed before her. I told her not to bother because we'd have to mop again after decorating but she likes her kitchen clean.)

Tabor and I ran to Michaels in the morning to get a few last minute supplies and then we started decorating the cakes after lunch once Mandi got in town. Her sister-in-law, Kimberly, & the birthday girl Clover came too! It was fun spending time together and decorating!! (Clover was so cute all dressed in pink with little squeaker shoes!)

The most fun part was the bottom pillow layer. We needed Sarah to measure and help us but we improvised and it turned out ok. I gave up trying to use the ruler and make it perfect and I think it turned out better that way. A little pearl was added to each corner which made it even cuter.

The top layer was covered in white fondant and spray painted with gold edible spray paint. (That was fun!) Mandi added the decorations on the top. Everyone made fondant roses (even Kimberly who was certain she wouldn't be able to make them) They turned out so pretty! Especially once we painted them with shimmer. (yes with vodka but the alcohol evaporated before any kids ate it!)

The middle layer was covered in white fondant and Mandi painted silver shimmer dust all over it. It turned out amazing! We added pink and gold stripes.

The finished product...turned out really cute!! I'll update it with more pictures once I get them but for now here's what I have. It's an iPhone pic but you get the idea! 

Clover we hope you loved your first birthday cake.

Of course NO first birthday is complete with a SMASH CAKE! So here's Clover's (aka Clo Clo) smash cake. I hope they got a shot of her smashing into it. I'll post that if they send it to me too. This is a chocolate cake carved in the shape of a clover and covered in lots of pink buttercream. Clo was written in pearls. YUM!

Happy first birthday Clover! We had fun making your cakes and Mandi I can't wait to make you a BABY SHOWER CAKE!! Congrats girl!! Only a few more days until we know if it'll be blue or pink!!

Note: My mom is now giving me a hard time saying that Tabor's 1st bday cake had better be awesome. Ha, by then I'll probably be tired of baking. Haha! Honestly though I can't come up with a theme! So if anyone has any suggestions send them my way!!!


  1. danielle, you are a super super baker!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks great! I wish I was there!!!