Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hanging out with Uncle Trey

A few weeks ago we were in Dallas so I could attend a photography workshot with McMamma. I'll blog more about this soon!

It was a great weekend and Tabor got to play with Grandma Fluby & Uncle Trey all weekend!

I LOVE this picture! I'll attach the link to the video of Tabor & Uncle Trey playing. They are just too cute! You're an awesome Uncle Trey!!

Here's the video of Trey making Tabor giggle. You can hear Katie and Flo trying to decide on what to order for dinner from a restaurant that um... wasn't so great. Seriously maybe it was a very off night they for the Thai place, but we probably won't order from them again. ha! Meanwhile Tabor shows Trey all his new tricks and nearly chokes trying to do his breath-in-air trick. ha! Tabor you're a goofball!

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