Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ty called Graham to catch up the other day and when he mentioned he and Allie would be in Austin for the weekend Ty asked if we could meet up. So 2 days before the weekend we decided we'd hop in the car for another road trip.

It was even more fun because my mom overheard the conversation and showed up, bags packed ready to go in the kitchen. We had NO idea where she was going until she proudly stated that she'd informed Ilka & Kuky to meet us in Austin. (My mom is so cute)

So to Austin we went. We had a fun roadtrip there - Tabor is becoming a travel-pro! He stayed on his regular schedule throughout the car ride and even fell asleep at bedtime. He woke up when we arrived, gave Graham & Allie a few smiles and then zzzz back to sleep he went. (We decided we could throw away the receipts because we think we'll keep him now)

Friday night we left him with the grandparents and went and spent some time with Graham & Allie. It was SO SO great to see them!

Then Saturday Ilka, Kelly-O, Alex & Michael drove down and met the little T-bo. He of course LOVED them right away. Aunt Ilka he loves you so much - I promise we won't let Abuiki teach him to call you Aunt Caca. ha!

Michael (aka the babysitter) dressed him in all his toys. Very fashionable Michael.

They got along very well. A little too well. These guys will be trouble together someday.

Kuky drove down later in the day and we played outside in the Arboretum while we waited for our bread to be delivered.

I love Tabor's spikey hair in this picture. No we did not plan to dress him and dad alike.

Thanks Kuky for this cute picture! We loved it.

Kuky's cute little Matthew cuddled up with Tabor. He's an amazing little dancer too!

Then there was Jonathan who is precious as can be but also...very mischievious. haha

Tabor loved his aunt Kuky so much!

The cool guys taught us about "planking" and we dared them to do a 3-layer plank on top of the statue. So here they are "planking" in the arboretum 3-layers high. Yes Ty helped Matthew get up on top.

During Tabor's afternoon nap we did a bit of sightseeing in Austin and got to see the Capitol with Graham and Allie. It was so neat! We even joined the tour and learned a lot! It was really fun!

That night they left to go to a wedding. I snapped a few pics of them of course. They are just too cute!!

We love you guys!! (and miss you tons!)

Sorry I made you pose, but thanks for doing it! I think these turned out so fun!

On Sunday we hung out with everyone before heading back to L-town. Tabor played with everyone before falling asleep in the car.

Here's a pic of Allie & Tabor. Allie, Tabor needs a Boston Buddy!!

We got a pic of Tabor with Kristin. I think the 2nd shot is funny. He loves making faces.

Kristin, we can't wait to see a curly-haired mini you someday too!

Then Tbo took pics with Uncle Graham. He really misses you guys now!

I think he's trying to hug you here Uncle G.

Had to take a group shot before we left. (Yes Ty and Tabor are dressed alike again. I promise this was NOT planned!!)

Tabor learned a new trick that day too. How to eat his shoes. I tasted them to see what was so exciting. I couldn't figure it out.

First he touches his toes and checks to see if anyone is watching...

Then he moves in for the bite...

Finally, he reaches his goal. Leather in the mouth. YUM!

We had a great time in Austin. We wish it could've been longer, but we'll be back soon and hopefully we'll make a trip to Boston soon too! We love you guys!!

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