Saturday, October 22, 2011

The day of BOOKS!

One of our new favorite books is called The Read Aloud Handbook. It's a book about reading books. :-) We loved it though and we highly recommend it. If anything the list in the back of the book makes buying the book worth it. We've added some really amazing books to Tabor's bookshelf so far!

In case you're interested our top favorites right now are:

1. Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
2. Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward
3. The Napping House by Audrey Wood
4. Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett
5. The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathmann

That's just to name a few! We love every single book we own!!

So when our local library posted that they were having a huge book sale we made our "Date Night" a book shopping date. What was even better was that my mom had the day off so she stayed with Tabor so we could go shopping together.

We walked into the library and they sent us downstairs. (We also became Friends of the Library and might volunteer to help teach people to read next summer once Tabor is older) We couldn't believe the amount of books that were for sale! We filled a sack and had a blast picking out books for Tabor and ourselves.

Seriously probably one of the most fun dates we've ever had. OK not true the David Crowder Band concert  a few weeks ago was pretty amazing too! We love that we don't miss a date night now!

Once we went through them all we signed up for our library cards and then grabbed a Starbucks on our way back home. See it was perfect! (By the way I am now a GOLD Starbucks card member - actually I should've been last year but my card was a UK card and wasn't working properly until now. Either way I'm GOLD now!!)

We also ordered some books for Tabor from Amazon that came in yesterday too. So we took a pic of his new book collection.

We even found a Texas Tech kids book to start pushing him to go to Texas Tech. :-) My favorite part was that the football player had his arm around the Tri-Delt :-)

Tabor liked all his books so much, Wanna see just how much...


  1. Love the bowling for books! Gabriel is going to try that now.

  2. Hmm...that's a pretty innovative way to teach Tabor to love books. Let's hope he'll want to read them one day :)