Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Only a Baby...

Only a baby could look this cute in striped pants!

Thanks Grandpa Kyle for sending such a cute outfit!! It's so soft!! I would definitely wear it if it fit me!! :-)

We took a few fun pics in our new outfit...

We LOVE laying on the Boppy (it's supposed to be helping him SIT up!)

Tabor even plays with the ball with his feet. He won't stop playing with this ball even if he falls back on the Boppy!

His new favorite trick is turning upside-down. (proof that he is MY son!)

Practicing sitting up with the Boppy. :-)

Tabor I love how you curl your toes. I love my little man!

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  1. Can these pictures be ANY cuter? I love your little man too (and miss him more than you can know) Can't wait for our new year's vacation!!