Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning at Aunt Monica's

Tabor and I went over to Aunt Monica's to hang out with her, Quin and Braidy. Of course there was Starbucks involved (thanks Mon!)

Even Quin shared a cup o' joe!
Although both boys napped all morning they did wake up to play together for a little bit. Aren't they so super cute!!

I was playing Peek A Boo with them to make them smile. Instead I think I got big eyed scary looks. haha

We did learn that it was time to move Tabor up a size in his BumGenius diapers. Sorry Aunt Mon - please invite us back over. Tabor promises not to leak out of his diaper again!!

Thanks though for a fun morning! We love you guys!!

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  1. love this and these boys!!! tabor, you can come back over and teetee on any blanket you want. i love you THAT much!!!! =)