Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!!

Well Tabor I can't believe you are 6 months old today! How did time fly by so quickly?!

SO much has changed within the last month.

You can now sit. Which is funny because I thought you would be toppling over forever. I don't know why but it just seemed like you weren't interested in figuring out how to sit and then suddenly you did it. Don't get me wrong you would sit for a split second before but you just preferred standing so you'd straighten your legs to stand which would send you flying backwards. Then 2 days before you turned 6 months you sat and played with your new ball from Aunt Ilka. We still put the Boppy behind you just in case you fall over.

You are now wearing size Medium in your BumGenius diapers. We learned you needed to move up a size by visiting Aunt Monica where you leaked out of your diaper for the first time and on her blankets. Hope we'll be invited back!

You've rolled over from back to tummy a few times on 9-20-11 but that's it. You just don't seem interested in doing it again. I've watched you in your crib though and you've nearly done it during each nap time so I know soon there will be no stopping you.

You found your mobile on Oct. 5th (6months exactly) in your crib and you nearly skipped your nap because you kept playing with it. I guess we'll need to take it off or move your mattress down.

You LOVE to be upside-down. Seriously. It's weird. Ok maybe not so weird since you are related to me.

You LOVE to imitate people. You do a fake cough that Abuita taught you and a crazy squeaky noise when you breath in. It sounds like you swallowed a squeaky toy. You stick your tongue out, click your tongue, and can give kisses. Let me elaborate on your "besos" aka "kisses" we hold you up to our cheek and say "Give me a kiss" or "Dame un beso" and either way you stick your tongue out and lick us and then laugh. You crack yourself up!

Your eyes are awesome but we have no idea what color they are. I need to fill out your passport info but I don't know how to fill out your eye color. All? ha I doubt they would appreciate my humor. So for now they are green, blue and grey. I wonder if that can go on the form.

You reach for everything! Especially glasses of water. You love water! You knocked over a glass when we ate dinner with one of your dad's coworkers. Although I shouldn't have held you so close to it - so technically it really was my fault.
You rake at toys with your fingers trying to reach them. If it's paper you will do anything to reach it.

You can stand without my help for 7seconds counted at the speed of light so you can really stand for a second maybe 2.

You still laugh when I throw you (softly) into a pile of pillows on the bed.

You can drink from your sippy cup (sort of) and when I say "hands" or "manos" you put both hands on the sippy cup. Once you've had your sip though you chew and blow into your sippy cup and you've also been known to spit the water out afterwards. I'm like a broken record trying to tell you not to do this.

You've eaten brown rice cereal mixed with water but you prefer it mixed with formula. You like sweet potatoes and LOVE avocado. If I let you I think you could eat an entire avocado by yourself. I've had to cut you off from the guac a few times. You also love Butternut Squash and can't open your mouth wide enough for Bananas. We are using the Super Baby Food book and mom now loves to mash things. Seriously I have a new found obsession with making baby food. I want to mash everything I see. If a banana or avocado is sitting out it gets turned into baby food. haha

You still nurse 5x a day and now eat "solids" 3x. Same schedule as before just with solids mixed in. We tried to move you to the 4hr schedule but you were NOT ready. You are shortening your 3rd nap though. It is currently 45min long. (Solids are at 8:30, 12 & 3:30)

Please Note: We could NOT make you smile for your 6month pics. We tried EVERYTHING! Aunt Teena was even here helping and basically her, Abuita & I looked like 3 retarded monkeys dancing and squeaking in front of you trying to make you smile. You ignored us and ate the pumpkins or even the 6 month sticker (which we printed 4 times!) next month they will be laminated. :-)

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  1. I just love your update!
    Tabor is such a cute baby; I still think he looks like you and Ty both.
    Love you big Danielle!
    I really can't wait to see you all :-)