Saturday, October 15, 2011

InBread- Stuffed Breads

So...we spontaniously went to Austin for the first weekend in October and Kristin had just sent us an email about her new company InBread. She is making stuffed breads that looked and sounded AMAZING! So since we were headed to Austin we decided to place an order.

The only thing was we placed an order under a fake name. Sarah Pitchford (yes I may have borrowed these names) :-) We created a new gmail account and made a special recording on Google Voice that if Kristin called said she was calling Sarah Pitchford. Oh we are oh so clever.

Then we emailed in our order and begged her to deliver it to our hotel.

She came (with a bodyguard in case we were there to kidnap her instead of to actually eat bread) and when she saw us walking up it finally all made sense to her. As her bodyguard watched us run and hug each other it all clicked for him too and he put his guns down.

My dad had created one of the bread combinations and he couldn't wait to dig in and eat it. This one had sundried tomatoes, grilled onions, garlic, parmesan cheese and a balsamic vinegrette glaze. Delicious! He's hoping she names it The Rick - or you should name it The Setup. ha!

Here's a look inside. Seriously these breads are AMAZING!

Kristin you are so talented. Not only are they beautiful works of art, but they taste even better. You're going to be famous someday!

You can't have a savoury bread without a sweet bread though. So we ordered The Tabor. :-) Ok we're just hoping she names it that. It was filled with Nutella AND Banana. This bread was heavenly!

Here's a look inside. Seriously you've got to try one of these!! Actually you need both!

Kristin I'm craving these now. You've ruined us! We are definitely moving to Austin someday so we can order bread from you everyday!

If you're in the Austin area or plan to be check out her website and order a few mouth-watering loaves!! You'll be so so happy you did! (Bring me back a piece please!)


  1. HAHA, thanks for the shout out guys! You really had me fooled... Sneaky McSneakersons. ;-)

    Oh, and The Rick and The Tabor are up! check'em out... and come back!

  2. YUM! That is awesome! I will have to go to Austin just to try her out!

  3. What? Bread stuffed with Nutella and bananas? OK, inbreadbakery, the REAL Pitchfords (Marlene and Tim - Sarah is our daughter who is married now so she is a Sanders :) - LOVE it, Danielle!!) will be in Austin on December 27th and we WILL be ordering The Rick and The Tabor (and probably more!!!)

  4. HAHA! You guys are too funny! My mom and dad will have to bring some back for me. Especially The Tabor! YUM!