Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New house bloopers

We tried to take pictures of the boys in front of the new house. We tried a few different times. In case you think our pictures are awesome and wonder if our kids always cooperate (who am I kidding - no one actually believes that!) Regardless here are all the bloopers. I love them. They make me laugh so much.

Godzilla attacks the camera

Tabor says "cheese" but forgot to face the camera

The pinwheel was not a good idea...singing the colors of the wind (whatever that means) or just screaming because he caught some wind.

It was "too bright" - that sun...hate when that happens. Tabor is a mini vampire.

Tabor and that belly. WHY did he stick it out that far? No clue.

We must have said the word belly because that's what he decided to show us.


Oh the pinwheel. That kid LOVES taking pictures (NOT)

Titus joins in on the photo bombing. Thanks Titus.

Poor Titus...I guess Tabor wanted a selfie.

And...we're done.

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  1. those are all amazing. i love them all and giggle at every single one! love your boys!