Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trey & Katie's Wedding

Trey and Katie are married! The wedding was beautiful. The day was gorgeous. It rained after the ceremony so the sky was amazing. I love these pictures. (photo credit: Svetlana Photography)

We had a great weekend in Fredricksburg. We ate great food and walked through the little shops. Fredricksburg is so much fun. We spent most of the days framing baby pictures of the happy couple, putting together gift bags for guests and searching for the visitors center which happened to be located in Fredricksburg, Virginia. HA! We still managed to get the correct visitors brochures into the gift bags prior to delivery.

So sweet. Love these two.

They kept the wedding small and sweet. Here's a group pic of everyone there! We've also had fun celebrating their marriage through many showers and receptions.

Such handsome Touchstone brothers. I love these guys.

These two cuties were the dinner entertainment. Tabor loves his new cousins!

 Our family cleans up well. Here we are all matching. Wish we'd gotten a pic from the rehearsal dinner. I guess it's another chance to wear that outfit! :-)

Another Touchstone brother pic. 

 Nona and her grandbabies. They love their Nona.

They didn't want to miss a shot apparently.

Here's what they were taking pics of. Cake was yummy! I heart cake.

Of course this is one of my favorite pictures. I love fun ways to capture the rings! Love this.

These girls are just too precious! Love that we'll be seeing them more often they're so sweet and so is their new little brother.

Here's a cute video of Tabor and Presley dancing.

I'll try to upload the wedding video soon or at least the part where Tabor steals Mema's cane and runs through the video while the wedding party walks in and gets tackled at the end by Ann. Great times. Thanks Tabor for adding some comedy to the video. ;-)

Congratulations to Trey & Katie. We love you guys and wish you a lifetime of blessings.

Here's the wedding video - don't worry if all you want is to just catch Tabor's debut and the bride walking out - it's all within the first minute or so.

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