Friday, November 15, 2013

Our little Pumpkins

Oh fall. How I love fall time. I love pumpkins. I love to eat them in every and anything. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin spice lattes. Oh I could go on forever I just love it.

I LOVE going to pumpkin patches and I LOVE pictures of my little pumpkins holding even smaller pumpkins. I love that it leads in to my next favorite season CHRISTmas!!!

I love being thankful. I love counting my blessings. Thank you God for these sweet little pumpkins!

Tabor found the perfect pumpkin. He named it "punky" - Punky now sits on our doorstep.

Punky-head - He was so proud of his pumpkin choice. Oh I love this little guy!

How long can I dress them alike!? ha! Ok Ok I'll stop!!! (maybe)

Titus loved the pumpkins. He tried to eat all the stems and sit on top of them all.

Ok there was also an added bonus about going to this Pumpkin Patch...there was a Market Street down the street! We spent just as long shopping and eating lunch there as we did touring the pumpkin patch!

My little pumpkin is ONE. (I figure if I keep saying it I will believe it eventually)

Oh Shelly Belly...we love you so! These boys have such a blast with you. MOVE TO TEXAS! You belong here :-)

Shelly Belly and I went through the corn maze. We were HORRIBLE at it. I hope we are never stranded in a corn maze together without another family to follow. They were eating popcorn and we were hoping they'd drop a trail for us. They were a little annoyed that we followed them out- this was a pic of us pretending not to follow them. ha!

What do you do with cornstalks?? Decorate with them?

Yay for Boo & Kiki being here with us and Shelly Belly too!! We love you guys!

Happy Fall time from our little pumpkins (or as Tabor used to say it "cunkin"

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