Saturday, November 9, 2013

Titus's FIRST Birthday

Well it's finally're 1st birthday. You are ONE. No matter how much I say it I still can't believe it. You are ONE a big ONE year old!

I cannot believe a year has already flown by and yet I feel like I can't even remember life without you. You are such a sweet part of our lives and we love you so much sweet Titus.

You love climbing and sitting on things and then without notice you tend to fall off (as you did right after the picture above was taken). You are fearless and tough nothing phases you.

You are so easy going and will go with the flow. However, if you want something you are very strong willed and your determination is impressive.

You are sneaky. When you enter "stealth mode" we don't hear or see you until you have already achieved whatever mischief you were set out to accomplish.

Meal times take forever. You could eat all day. We can't wait until you're done because you would never be done.

You pull up on everything and walk "cruise" everywhere but you won't let go.

Your scrunchy nosed smile is one of my favorites. You are always so happy and you love to walk while holding on to our hands unless you think we plan to let go - then you sit down.

You still love to scare us "bah" all. the. time. Your other favorite words are ball, mama and papa.

Your favorite "toy" is the TV Receiver. You get in trouble for touching it probably 7,000 times a day. What is your infatuation with that thing!?! It drives us nuts!

You are our "very hungry caterpillar" you crawl around eating EVERYTHING off the floor. Everything. We have even pulled out a shard of glass from inside your mouth. Like I said. Fearless.

You grunt while you eat if you like what you're eating - and you love all you moan most of the time you are eating.

Your favorite book is "Please Baby Please" and you grunt when it ends until we start reading it over again. Even Tabor can't listen to that book as many times as you can. That's a first!

You LOVE cuddling in your green frog towel after your bath. You insist on standing up during your bath. It is a constant battle trying to get you to sit down.

Your favorite place is Tabor's closet. It's where all the big kid toys are located.

You still sleep with your blanket over your head so we can't see you on the monitor when we check on you. If we pull it off you just put it back on your head.

You LOVE your blanket. You are a little Linus. You suck on it and rub your face in it and carry it around if we let you.

You are very ticklish but you don't like when your Papa tickles your tummy - you try to squirm away.

You do NOT like diaper changes. At ALL.

We could go on and on but this is it. This is a quick snapshot of you as of today. You as a ONE year old. Tomorrow you will learn a million new tricks and something you did today will be a memory from when you were a baby. I can't believe how fast time flies. I know I say it often but it is so true. The hours are long but the years are short. 

I am excited to continue watching as you become a toddler, a "big boy", a young man and someday God willing a godly man. I pray sweet Titus that you grow to love God and that you cherish each day as the gift that it is. We love you with all we have. You have blessed our lives more than we thought could even be possible. It is true that with each child born you are blessed with infinite amounts of love in addition to the infinite amounts you already thought you had. You are a cuddly sweet little boy and a huge part of our lives. Thank you God for entrusting us with Baby Titus and thank you Titus for letting us love you so much. I can't believe you are ONE.


  1. such a sweet post. you are such a great mama! happy birthday, Titus!!!

  2. I want to hear you read Please, Baby, Please ;) Happy Birthday Titus!!