Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Potty Trained Tabor

Potty training. The words alone sent a shiver down my spine. I was going to wait until next year before I tried to conquer this. I was told boys take longer and it was a nightmare if you tried it before they were ready. So my motto was wait until he's good and ready and I was SURE he just was NOT ready.

Until suddenly he cried that he did not want to wear his diaper because he wanted to use the potty. I don't know what happened. Wait yes I do. I said diapers are for babies and big boys use the potty. That was it. Then he no longer wanted to wear a diaper.

Well... the hard part is the method we decided to try was a 3-day stay at home method and obviously I wanted to do a weekend because how was I going to watch him while I nursed Titus. Our first available weekend was going to be...January. So we sped read, made a trip to Target and stocked up on M&M's and $1 reward stickers and toys and let him pick out big boy undies. Did he choose cartoons...no he chose "the ones like papa". My 2 year old wears boxer briefs and I think it is the cutest thing ever. (dad was happy because they were cheaper and are supposed to last a long time size-wise before he needs to move up a size - oh of course the finance side of him comes out even in buying kid undies)

He refused to nap these 3 days because he was terrified of getting his bed dirty so for the first time in his life he napped on the couch...and one day fell asleep at dinner - we laughed so hard at this one - we just picked him up and put him to bed.

Ok so...we started. In 3 days he had 3 accidents and that is it. DISCLAIMER: By writing this I realize I am sure to face an accident soon and probably a big one. He always wakes up dry and refuses to use the little potty I bought for the house or the car. (Yes Ty you were right. Ugh that was not fun to admit) I am also NOT writing this to brag. I am writing only that he was ready - probably had been ready for a while.

The funny obstacles we did however face were...he could hold it FOREVER!! He would go 18 hours without peeing and days without doing #2. (Hey this is a blog...and I am not going to gross everyone out. I want to keep my 2-3 readers!!!) Then when he did FINALLY go #2 he had to STAND ON the potty to do it. haha He STOOD to poo and SAT to pee - a little backwards. We finally broke him of this and now he does it all by himself. Listening to him is probably the funniest part. "woah that's a lot of pee!" and "see ya later poop" Oh the life of boys.

AND of course we also dealt with pee everywhere. Poor guy shot straight up and to the right. Monica did mention my bathrooms would never be the same again. I thought she meant because I had to add a mini potty. No. She meant clean. I scrub all 3 toilets EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and they still don't feel clean to me. Ty says "those toilets have never been that clean" every time he cleans them...and then one second later in comes Tabor. ha! HOWEVER since Tabor's surgery the walls and floor now remain pee free. You are welcome to come over now and use our potties. :) Well at your own risk...I did not say the potty itself does not get dirty. I do still clean it every day. Multiple times a day. Oh boys.

I am glad I waited until he was ready and I am very grateful that it has been uneventful well other than the having surgery part. Thank you God for making this a smooth transition...next up - out of the crib! Ok...so really how long can they stay in a crib!?! I will let you know! ;-) Titus will have to move into a big boy bed before Tabor does because he is such a climber. Tabor is content in his crib. He loves his sleep and has no reason to change anything yet. Love that one obstacle is behind us now! I am loving every new obstacle and stage that comes up!

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  1. People may hate you after this blog...but you're 100% right on...he was SO ready! Go Tabor Go! Cutest little hiney in the briefs ever!