Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy SUPER(hero) Halloween

I love holidays. Halloween is no different. I love to play dress up my boys! I hope they always let me play dress up with them. ;-)

Tabor was our little Captain America (which of course made his dad so super happy) We were going for a family of Avengers but Ty & I opted out at the last year though we are ALL dressing up!

Ok the look on Tabor's face is..."cheese...I'm doing this for chocolate."

Titus is in character...being The HULK. Ok and glaring at Cali the dog wondering if she was coming his way.

Oh how I love my little Superheroes. Captain America is trying to smash the Hulk's foot in this picture ha.

We had such a blast dressing up and going to the Campbell's house for Frito Pie, dessert and trick or treating! It was so much fun.

I love my little trick or treaters. Little did we realize that Titus was picking up a piece of glass and sticking it in his mouth. This little guy is sneaky sneaky.

Oh Titus the look of concern is more of fear of being caught than of having glass in your mouth.

This was the first year that Tabor actually understood what was happening. It started off with us telling him to ring the doorbell, instructing him to say "trick or treat", reminding him to take only one piece and then to say thank you for his candy. We then had to explain that we didn't get to eat the candy until the end (what a cruel trick since the parent's then go through the stash and eat all the good stuff ha). By the end of the night he was running to the door, saying trick or treat, asking for extra candy "for my brother" (who has 2 bottom teeth only), then thanking them for being awake and informing them he has to hurry and get more candy at the next house. Ty and I thought it was really funny how quickly he figured out how to work the system. Titus sat in the wagon sucking on his blankie. We should've dressed him up as Linus. All in all - a very fun halloween night! 

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