Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar named Titus

It's PARTY TIME! Titus here are some pics from your first birthday party!

Your invitations were SUPER cute (thanks Aunt Mon). We went with the very hungry caterpillar because are a very hungry little boy. You eat EVERYTHING. Literally. Every. Thing.

So this was appropriate. We kept your party small and invited family only. It turned out great! We loved it and you loved it. 

We kept it small but I still went all out. I LOVE parties AND your baby's FIRST birthday is one of the most important milestones in your life. So although you may not remember it...I will NEVER forget it. AND since there are pictures you will see how special we tried to make it for you.

The place setting was fun. We followed the story in the book. On Monday he ate an apple, on Tuesday 2 pears, on Wednesday 3 plums (plums are not in season so we went with grapes at the last minute), 4 strawberries and on Friday 5 oranges, but as he was still hungry... we added donuts and cake!

We brought in Shipley's donuts - oh how we love these and we also had Starbucks coffee (I already said this party was more for me than you- ha these are all your momma's favorite things!)

We hung lanterns from the ceiling and covered the floor in balloons. I did not do a good job taking pictures sorry!

See the cute food labels Aunt Mon made. Oh I just love how it all turned out!!

Here's your cake. I have to point out that on the back are the 3 plums and also a red apple. They were so cute...I forgot to take a picture of the back. I am so sorry. We were up until 3am making your cake so a few things slipped my mind the next day. but I LOVE how it turned out! The pictures just don't do it justice!

We gave you your smash cake again. You were a happy camper (no really this is you happy) haha Like I've said before you smile and then go back to looking serious in seconds. ;-) I love you.

You did so well. You loved eating all the fruit, the donuts, the crackers and cake. You loved opening your presents all by yourself (your brother was having a sugar high moment and couldn't quite control himself so he was fired from helping you) and you loved all your guests. It was such a special day. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this so special. This momma couldn't be more grateful. And a shout out to God for making this day possible. :-)

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