Monday, November 11, 2013

SMASH CAKE - the actual day

Obviously it takes more than one post to cover all the details of your birthday. Like I said...1st birthdays are VERY SPECIAL!!! (all birthdays are!) Maybe even more special to your momma than to you.

Your grandma Boo and grandpa Kiki were here on the day of your actual birthday and they helped make it extra special too.

We took you to play at the playground inside Milestone church and then we had lunch at chickfila. There was a lady there that overheard you were the birthday boy and she brought you a balloon and your first ice cream. You were a HUGE fan! I wanted to hug her for making lunch so special!

Then that night after dinner we sang Happy Birthday to you and let you dive into your Smash Cake. You cried and cried at first, but once you had a taste of it and realized what it were in heaven. You ate and ate and ate (shocking! haha) and eventually got bored and crawled off in search of something salty under the table I assume. ha!

We opened a few gifts that night too and your favorite present...was the box. Thank you Kiki & Boo for helping make Titus's birthday so fun. The day was PERFECT!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Titus.

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