Friday, November 8, 2013

Titus 11 months

Oh sweet baby boy you're 11 months old. You're doing so much and time is flying so quickly. SLOW DOWN! I can't believe you're nearly ONE. 

You can stand now. You love to stand and reach everything and touch everything you're not supposed to. You love to climb and cruise. I know those first steps are around the corner but for now if we stand you up and let sit. 

I love watching you crawl (you wiggle your hiney). You are getting fast but the funniest part is still how quiet you are. You can disappear in seconds.

You still have the cutest smile and it's so funny how you can smile and then have zero expression on your face within seconds. It makes us laugh.

You LOVE to be upside-down and to flip off the couch. You are a little daredevil!! I am scared of what you'll get into soon enough. You're definitely going to keep us on our toes.

You love to scare us by saying "boo" it's the only thing you'll do on command. (It sounds like "bah") and you think it's really funny to do it over and over.

We love you sweet little Titus. God thank you for blessing us with this little life that brings us so many smiles each and every day. We love watching as your little personality forms and we love watching you explore and learn new things everyday. Happy 11 months sweet baby boy.

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