Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our first house

We bought a house! After 9 moves in our 8 years of marriage it is VERY exciting to own our very own house! God is SO good!

My favorite part of our neighborhood is our pool and amenity center. We spent most of our summer days here (instead of unpacking- swimming was more fun!)

I haven't taken pictures of the inside yet but we haven't really finished decorating yet. We will get there and until then we are having a blast in our new home.

The entrance to our neighborhood is Tabor's favorite part. He loves to walk by the cowboy, horse and longhorns and every time we drive by it he says "we're almost at the new house". I wonder how long it will be called "the new house"

I'll start posting pictures of the inside soon. You can picture it though you walk in and the study is on the left, guest bath and then the kitchen and dining. On your right is the laundry room, living room and then opens into our bedroom (with master bath and closet- I love the closet). Upstairs is the gameroom, guest room and the two boys' rooms with a bathroom. See you've seen it! ;-)

God has truly blessed us and I am so grateful every single day for everything He has given us.

We have loved every place God has placed us. Starting over isn't easy but we are definitely pros by now and are enjoying discovering new favorites and spending time with our friends and family that have been awesome to come visit. We haven't found a church home yet but we have nearly tried out every church in our area and are closer to making a decision. Hopefully soon we will start getting plugged in and meeting new people.

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